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miCoach X_Cell including Textile Strap

Color Black (Z51350)

miCoach X_Cell including Textile Strap

Breaking new ground in sports, the adidas miCoach X_Cell and Textile Transmitter Strap gives you the chance to take your game to the next level. The revolutionary new device is designed to measure your explosiveness. Whether you are on the pitch, on the court or on the track, the device captures your heart rate, how fast you accelerate, how high you jump and your reaction speed to brake and shift left or right. It comes with a compatible transmitter chest strap and can also be worn with dedicated X_CELL clothing and other adidas heart rate-sensing apparel.
  • Measures quickness, reaction speed, intensity of play, jump height and heart rate
  • Professionally designed workouts on your smartphone or online at miCoach.com
  • Training options include cardio plans (using heart rate) to improve endurance and quickness, strength and flexibility plans to develop upper and lower body power, and drills to improve your jump height
  • Textile transmitter strap fits around chest against the skin; Can also be worn on dedicated X_CELL base layer shirts or other heart rate-sensing apparel
  • Stores up to 7 hours of workout data so you don't have to keep your smartphone with you
  • Upload your data to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart so you can compare and share your stats